Renunciation/Surrender Certificate: Indian Citizenship Act does not provide for dual citizenship. As per the Passport Act, it is mandatory for all Indian passport holders to surrender their last Indian passport to the Consulate immediately after acquisition of foreign nationality. It is an offense under the Citizenship Act and the Passports Act for foreign nationals to hold Indian passports. Once Indian passport is surrendered, Consulate will cancel it and return it to the Passport holder along with Renunciation/Surrender certificate. Consulate will not be in a position to render services like OCI, Visa etc. until Renunciation/Declaration Certificate acquired on acquisition of foreign nationality is sbumited.

Renunciation Declaration Certificate: This certificate will be granted to those who have misplaced or lost their last Indian passport and hence they do not have their Indian passport which they can surrender for cancellation. Those applicants are given a ‘Renunciation Declaration Certificate’ based on submission of sworn affidavit on loss of Indian Passport and other required documents.

Either a ‘Renunciation/Surrender Certificate’ or a ‘Renunciation Declaration Certificate’ needs to be submitted for an OCI or Visa application.

Note : Applicable Penalty would be imposed for non-surrender of Indian passport after acquiring a foreign passport and travel on the Indian passport thereafter.


You may apply for a replacement citizenship document if you:

  • Received a Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Citizenship, Declaration of Intention, or Repatriation Certificate which was lost, stolen, or destroyed;
  • Received a Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Citizenship, Declaration or Repatriation Certificate containing a typographical error made by USCIS;
  • Changed your name due to marriage or court order after we issued the document and you want a document in your new name;
  • Obtained a court order or a state-issued document that changes your date of birth after we issued your Certificate of Citizenship and you want a certificate with your new date of birth;
  • Received a Certificate of Citizenship or a Certificate of Naturalization and your change of gender is legally recognized through a court order, a government-issued document, or a medical certification; or
  • Are you a naturalized citizen seeking a special certificate of naturalization for the purpose of a foreign country recognizing you as a citizen of the United States?

We will not change a name without evidence such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order. We will not change date of birth on a Certificate of Citizenship without documentation such as a U.S. court order or state-issued documents.

Losing Your Passport

If you’ve lost your passport, the process of acquiring a new one is quicker and easier than replacing a naturalization certificate.

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