You must send / carry a completed application to the CKGS Application Centre using the document Checklist and following all the instructions provided in the procedure.

You must make the payments as follows: The correct Service and Category fees, ICWF fees, Reference / Fax fees (if applicable non US Passport), CKGS Service charges, convenience charges (if applicable), optional services like Courier / SMS (if applicable).

If your application is found to be incomplete, then CKGS will send you an email informing you of deficiency / ies in your application. You must provide all the requested documents to CKGS within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the email.

If you are unable to provide the complete application, your application will be returned to you at your entire cost and consequences. If you have opted for return courier, we will use the courier charges paid by you for the return of your documents or using the prepaid self-addressed envelope provided by you. The Service Charges will not be refunded under any circumstances.

I acknowledge that the website quartusbusiness.com contains the required information in connection with the Services. The said website will be updated as per the instructions of the Embassy / Consulate and will change from time to time.

I hereby confirm that by accepting this Disclaimer Form, it will be deemed that I have read and understood the Declaration & Undertaking, Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the check list steps and procedures. I will be responsible for any deficiency / ies in my application and any impact / consequence that it may have on the time taken to process and the decision of my application.