Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Quartusbusiness is committed to providing our customers with excellent service. As part of this commitment, we take the trust our customers and site visitors place in us very seriously. We recognize that it is our responsibility to protect your privacy and to inform you of our information collection practices through our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy outlines:

• the type of information that we collect when you use our Web site
• our purpose for collecting your information
• the benefits created for you as a result of collecting your informationWe may amend this Privacy Policy as determined by our discretion. In the event of an update, we will post the amended Privacy Policy on our site for your convenience.

Protecting your information

Protecting personal information, we receive from you is of crucial importance to Quartusbusiness. While there is always some risk involved with transmitting information over the internet, we strive to protect against the misuse of any personal information that we receive from you via our website.


Quartusbusiness uses cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. Cookies are identifiers conveyed to your computer’s hard drive enabling our systems to recognize your browser. Cookies allow us to communicate certain information or content particular to your needs and interests. Our site also uses cookies to anonymously track movement within our site.

Quartusbusiness employs third-party entities to perform functions on our behalf such as data analysis and marketing assistance. The data that we provide them is anonymous and does not reveal specific personal information related to our customers. This data is used for specific functions that require broad-based user statistics which help to improve the overall Quartusbusiness customer experience. You can disable cookies on your computer. Should you do so, helpful information smay be omitted from your service experience.

Collected information and how it’s used

Quartusbuiness collects information from your computer regarding your visit to our site. The information collected shows us which pages you visited while using our site. This process allows us to provide optimum service to you by offering a customized browsing experience and product offers unique to your individual needs.

Financial information that is collected is used to bill the user for products and services only

If at any time you need to change or update your personal information, contact us by email at

contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy contact Quartusbusiness Customer Care by email at

Refund policy

Quartusbusiness makes every effort to assure that your order is processed to returned to you complete and on time. If there is an error on our part related to your order, we will issue a full refund of our service fees. Shipping costs unfortunately cannot be refunded. Please note that Quartusbusiness is not responsible for documents or product lost or damaged during transit by FedEx or any other mail carriers, for damages or delays caused by an act of God (ie weather-based delays), or problems caused by other services or travel document that are beyond our control.

How To Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about these refund policies, please contact via email or call us today at +1-713-534-1245